Bruce Bookman: On Self-Defense

July 11, 2018

Bruce Bookman Sensei talks about his early techincal influcences including Yoshimitsu Yamada, Kazuo Chiba and Kisshomaru Ueshiba. He also shares his thoughts on self-defense and his experience working with Aikido Journal on our first instructor seminar and our upcoming online course, Aikido Extensions with Bruce Bookman.

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Pat Hendricks: On Building People Up

May 23, 2018

Patricia Hendricks Shihan (7th dan Aikikai) talks about her approach to teaching, the Iwama aikido culture, "mansplaining", Star Trek, and her upcoming projects with Aikido Journal. Join us for this fun and informative discussion with one of the most respected instructors and leaders in the aikido world.

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George Ledyard: On skill transmission

April 16, 2018

Will the next generation of aikido instructors be positioned to take on higher level leadership positions when called to do so? Or have problems in skill transmission handicapped them and risked the integrity of future generations of aikido practitioners?  

George Ledyard (7th dan Aikikai), one of the most senior instructors under Mitsugi Saotome, talks with Aikido Journal about the critical role of the uke and dedicated instructor training programs for optimal skill transmission in the art of aikido.

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Roy Dean on rediscovering Koichi Tohei’s mastery

March 22, 2018

Roy Dean talks with Josh Gold about his media work with Aikido Journal, his experience at the 2005 Aiki Expo, and shares his impressions on Bruce Bookman and Koichi Tohei. 

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